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My tribe consists of strong women. We are Caregivers. We care for our children, our spouses, our aging parents, and our grandchildren. 

We understand how important it for us to care for ourselves, and we work hard to find and maintain a healthy balance ~ physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. We know that self-care is essential care.

We want the best for our family and are do whatever we must to live the very best life possible.

Do you know that you can be a full-time caregiver, take incredible care of your family, and yourself? 

I know you can and I'm here to help! Let's connect! 

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Making the Switch to Healthier Living
This is a simple guide that shows you how you can make simple switches to the
products you use everyday, to live a healthier life. 
Good for you. Good for your family.

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4 Ways to Work With Me

I offer 4 ways for us to work together so you can navigate, survive and thrive as a caregiver! 
Pick the one that will work best for you and let's get started!
Manage the Moments
Episodic Coaching when you need it, as often as you need it. In this session we focus on what is happening right now, and what you are  trying to manage in the moment.

Weekly Coaching
Weekly coaching is a combination of coaching and training and allows us to focus on your biggest caregiving challenges. You receive the tips, tools and techniques neccessary to reach your goals.

Next Steps™ Monthly Coaching
Monthly coaching sessions help you stay grounded and connected. I recommend this after we've done the initial work and you've reached the initial goals we've set.

Join My Essential Oils Team
Take control of your families health as either a Doterra Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale Customer.  Schedule a call with me I can help you decide which path is best for you and your family.

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